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Having your photo taken is awkward. You feel kinda stupid, you think everyone’s looking at you, you know that’s not your optimum selfie angle and omg what is your face even DOING!

Warm and wonderful photos to celebrate your engagement, fun and personality-filled headshots for your website or linked in profile (and maybe dating profile!), you’ve got a baby in your belly and WOW did you put in some effort to make that happen or maybe you’ve just got a few bare walls in the house that need filling with some loved up photos of you guys.

Portrait sessions with Paper Fox are really just mini adventure sessions.

We’ll explore the city/country/park/wherever you like and basically just hang out, chatting about anything and everything and hey that spot looks pretty, jump over there for a second and BAM, before you know it, we’ve had some fun and you’ve got some pretty rad photos out of it. All sessions are outdoors in the (rain! or) sunshine – no stodgy studio backdrops here! Got questions? Scroll down and check out the FAQ below.

Relaxed, calm, minimal awks, zero cheese. Let’s adventure together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

I like to think of portrait sessions as little mini adventure discoveries. We meet at a location of your choice around Melbourne and then basically just wander about exploring that location, stopping to take photos on the way. My style is very relaxed and casual, my number one focus is to make you feel comfortable! We’ll ease into it, keep things calm and light and by the end of it you’ll be so comfy having your photo taken you’ll be posing like a pro!

How long is the session?

Full portrait sessions usually go for around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What should we wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! Keep in mind that we will be walking and exploring the location so make sure you can walk comfortably. Also don’t bring along anything you don’t want in the photos, else you’ll be constantly picking it up, carrying it about, and putting it down again – such as big handbags, sunglasses, shopping bags, etc.

How do we choose a location?

Choose somewhere that feels right for you – it could be a local park, somewhere more urban or industrial or your favourite bookstore! If you’re stumped, feel free to ask for suggestions!

Can we bring props?

Absolutely! Just make sure you can carry them around comfortably and we can definitely integrate any props you like into your photos. Things people have brought along in the past include: custom sewn banners, handmade signs for wedding save the dates, chalk to write on the ground (or yourself!), sharpie pens to draw on hands, books, picnic sets – anything goes!

What time should we do our shoot?

All sessions are outdoors in the wild, so we rely on the sun, and the best sunlight is that glowy dreamy golden hour about 1 hour before sunset. Otherwise, first up in the morning works too! During daylight savings time here in Melbourne, the sunlight is AMAZING for hours and hours in the evening, so timeslots can be pretty flexible.

Does travel time in between locations count against my session time?

Sure does! I recommend that you keep locations to a minimum or pick locations that are close to each other/within walking distance.

What happens if it rains?

It rains a lot in both Melbourne and Brisbane! Usually only for short periods though so if it looks a little rainy, I recommend bringing a cute umbrella. Otherwise we can keep in touch on the day and reschedule if the forecast isn’t looking good.

Having said that, I usually recommend we go ahead, especially for Brisbane shoots since rescheduling is more difficult, unless it’s really thrashing down and we’d be in danger of being struck by lightening! Rainy day, snuggled under an umbrella photos are pretty gosh darn cute! Plus it means there will be less of the general public out and about as well, which makes things easier.

Can you make our photos look like ----? Can I get all the unedited photos?

Nope, sorry!  Before you get in touch, check out my previous work. If you like what you see, then you can trust that I will use my expertise and artistic vision to choose and edit the images in a way that are consistent with my other work.  Before your session I will send you a questionnaire asking about your preferences, such as whether you prefer candid or posed images, whether you like romantic or playful images, etc.  I will take your answers into consideration and do my best to accommodate them.

My style is bright, naturally colourful and relaxed. If you are looking for a completely different shooting, lighting, or editing style than what you see here, you might want to find a different photographer whose style more closely matches your vision.

When and how will I get my photos? And how many?

You’ll get about 20-30 photos delivered to you in an online gallery within 3-6 weeks of your full session. From there you can download the high resolution (printable!) photos, share them around and do whatever you like with them!

If you need a couple of images quickly for a special reason like a save the date card or announcement, let me know and I can send over a few sneak peeks within a week.

Do you shoot in Brisbane?

Yes! I travel to Brisbane a few times a year and set aside days for portrait sessions, get in touch to find out my upcoming travel dates.

Do you travel to..?

Absolutely! If your chosen location is more than 30 minutes outside of the CBD of Melbourne or Brisbane (calculated using the address on google maps), the travel fee is $1 per km from the CBD. For locations 2 hour drives or further, or requiring air travel, additional travel fees will apply.

Lets take awesome photos together!


Happy Clients

  • Woohoooooooooo got our wedding pics today via email….. they look great – AWESOME JOB

  • Thank you so much, the photos turned out so beautiful. We are both thrilled with how much of a fantastic job you did!

  • The photos look Great!!! I'm SO impressed!! You've just been so awesome from beginning to end!

  • You definitely captured the day for us so thankyou very very much : ) Love it, brings back all the feelings – it’s awesome!!

  • The slide show is amazing - I cannot wait to see the rest. Everyone we have passed the below onto has been totally wowed with the photos - I had my auntie and mum in tears!

  • We (and all our family) absolutely love the photos! Thank you so much! It was so awesome to work with you 🙂

  • It's a brilliant first day of summer but I'm inside too busy looking at our beautiful images, again & again & again. Thank you! You've captured the day so well. The outdoor shots (where you had 20 minutes) are beautiful and so special, we are seriously impressed!

  • Oh my gosh! Kristen they're amazing! Thank you so so much!

  • These are awesome Kristen! Myles loves them too! You’re awesome!!! We love them! I can’t believe in a short time you got so many great pics!”

    Laurie & MylesPORTRAITS
  • We got our pictures today and we’re so stoked with them!! Thank you! Love them to bits! xxx

    Hayley & NatPORTRAITS

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